Static Billboard Locations Overview

Azalea Outdoor currently offers 150+ static billboard faces, including trivisions. Use the map below to review the locations of our static and trivision billboards.

For more information about out-of-home advertising opportunities with Azalea, contact us today.

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GA 2 N/S of Mike Padget Hwy. North of Bobby Jones Facing East
GA 3 S/S of Bobby Jones East of Wheeler Rd. Facing East
GA 11 N/S of Wrightsboro Road East of Whiskey Road Facing West
GA 12 S/S of Wrightsboro Rd. Eastbound 1/3 Mile East of Horizon S Pkwy.
GA 13 N/S of Washington Road 200’ East of Bertram Road Facing East
GA 14 West side of Lewiston Rd. 225’ South of Gate Way Blvd.
GA 19 N/S of Gordon Hwy 100’ west of Parham Rd
GA 20 I-20 East of Riverwatch Pkwy Heading Towards North Augusta, SC
GA 22 N/S of Washington Rd 500’ w/o Davis Rd
GA 23 W/S Peach Orchard 500′ N/O Nellie Dr
GA 24 Hwy 1 S/O Hwy 23 (Alma)
GA 25 Hwy 1 N/O Hwy 23 (Alma)
GA 27 W/S Peach Orchard 700 Feet S/O Pepperidge Rd
GA 28 W/S Hwy 1 Across from Battle Lumber Co (Wadley)
GA 29 W/S Peach Orchard 2/10 Mile S/O Tobacco Rd
GA 30 W/S Mike Padgett Hwy E/O Hephzibah McBean Rd
GA 32 W/S Legion Dr at East Main Street (Warrenton)
GA 33 1146 Harris Street N/O Waco Dr (Sandersville)
GA 34 Hwy 56 at Hwy 23
GA 35 S/S Golden Isles Pkwy E/O Cleland Lane (Baxley)
GA 36 931 Hwy 1, N.
GA 37 East side of Hwy. 25 at Allen Road

GA 38 E/S Hwy 73/301 2/10 miles E/O Hwy 21 (Sylvania)
GA 39 Hwy. 56 at Hwy. 23
GA 40 W/S Hwy 1 360 feet S/O Hwy 23 (Alma)
GA 42 Hwy 1 500 feet E/O Hwy 88
GA 43 West side of South Main St. at Days Inn
GA 44 N/S Gordon Hwy at Fort Gordon Gate 6
GA 45 South Main Street S/O Alice Circle (Swainsboro)
GA 46 E/S Hwy 25 Bypass 1000 ft W/O MM2
GA 47 E/S Hwy 25 Bypass 1200 ft W/O MM2
GA 48 E/S Hwy 25 Bypass 1500 ft W/O MM2
GA 50 4301 Washington Road just east of North Belair Road
GA 51 501 Bobby Jones Exp., 500’ N/O Scott Nixon Memorial Dr.
GA 52 2061 Gordon Hwy. next to Malcolm Cunningham Chevrolet
GA 53 3059 Deans Bridge Rd. just east of Bobby Jones
GA 54 3327 Peach Orchard Rd. 1400’ south of Bobby Jones Exp.
GA 55 1417 Gordon Hwy next to Smith Tire
GA 56 1225 Gordon Hwy at National Ave, E/F
GA 57 Reynolds St. on Augusta Chronicle wall
GA 58 9th and Reynolds St. at Beamie’s Restaurant
GA 59 S/S Wrightsboro Rd at Augusta Mall
GA 60 Greene Street at 14th
GA 61 Calhoun At Crawford On Ramp Expressway
GA 62 Calhoun E/O Crawford Ave
GA 63 N/S Calhoun @ Crawford Exit
GA 64 Calhoun Expressway @15th ON Ramp

SC 1 S/S of Aiken/Augusta Hwy 1 Mile West of Robert M Bell Parkway
SC 2 E/S of Aiken Augusta Hwy .8 Mile S/O Hitchcock Pkwy
SC 4 Hitchcock Pkwy at Richland Ave
SC 5 West Side of Bettis Academy Road, just s/o Whaley Pond Road, S/F
SC 6 Atomic Rd at Carolina Springs
SC 7 E/S Hwy. 28 South at Haigler Street

SC 8 W/S Columbia Hwy (US1) N/O I-20
SC 11 Jefferson Davis Hwy. 700 ft. east of I-520
SC 12 4871 Jefferson Davis Hwy. just east of Atomic Rd.
SC 13 N/S I-20 1 Mile E/O Exit 29 (3rd)
SC 14 N/S I-20 1 Mile E/O Exit 29 (middle)
SC 15 N/S I-20 1 Mile E/O Exit 29 (1st)
SC 16 N/S Ascagua Lake Rd 250′ E/O US 25